FishDecoy™ - Top-Rated Fishing Light

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Tired of not catching enough fish? 

Add the FishDecoy™ to your tackle box and outdoor sports gear. In addition to your bait and lures, this portable LED lighting kit will increase your chances of reeling in the best fish.

Why our customers love the FishDecoy™

✅ No matter which fish you’re going after, FishDecoy™ will help you get more bites and catches.

✅ Place the FishDecoy™ under your boat or near your dock, and it'll instantly attract all of the fish around it.

✅ FishDecoy™ is a heavy-duty, 12V fishing light that's great for boats and pontoons, and can be used in freshwater or saltwater, a river or lake.

✅  FishDecoy™ features alligator clips, meaning you can take it on your houseboat, speedboat, or fishing boat.

 Lighted night fishing will help you create wonderful memories with your family and friends for years to come.



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