uDriller - Garden Drill Planter


This Gardening Tool Helps You Digs Holes In Seconds

Especially in this time, where everyone is at home, you want to redecorate your garden and the uDriller will take a way loads of physical complaints!


Why our customers love the uDriller

Save time & Energy: Stop wasting valueable time using your hands or a shovel to create holes in the ground.  the uDriller, is a spiral rod that attaches directly to the head of your drill, and within seconds, delivers freshly dug holes up to seven inches deep and almost two inches wide.

Super Strong: Made of high-quality steel, it is built is to bulldoze through the rockiest of soils to make planting seeds, grass plugs, small annuals, and so on a quicker and less strenuous activity.

Healthy Plants: Not only does it create a hole for you instantly but it also pulverizes the soil, giving your plants better soil-to-root contact




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