FROGPOTTY™ - Boys Potty Trainer

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We all know that potty training isn't as easy as it looks... Especially with a little one that has a hard time aiming!

Our Frog Potty is the perfect tool for any boy that is starting to get potty trained and has a hard time getting his business in the toilet!


Why our customers love the Frog Potty.

✅ AVOID TOILET ACCIDENT - Our Frog Potty is designed to help teach your little one to keep his business off of the floor and in the toilet bowl with the use of the small spinning fan target!

 EASY CLEANUP - The bowl can be easily removed from the frame for you to pour it out into the toilet.

✅ MAKE IT A HABIT - Kids are always excited to use their Frog Potty, this helps them develop the habit of using the rest room!

✅ FUN & EASY - The Frog Potty is cute, bright and colorful making potty time fun and much less of a hassle.

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